Ruperta the elephant is starving in a Venezuelan zoo!

Ruperta is a symbol of all those animals that are dying of hunger. Ruperta is an elephant who has lived more than 30 years in captivity in a zoo in Caracas (Venezuela). Today she presents a high degree of malnutrition that could cost him her life.

ruperta elephant starving venezuela

Ruperta is the last remaining African elephant in Venezuela is malnourished and dehydrated. Neighbors of the zone decided to make a collection to take to Ruperta carrots, pumpkins, papayas, oranges, pineapples and chard to feed the hungry elephant.

However, the Bolivarian National Guard was deployed at the door of the zoo to prevent it from feeding the animal. The coordinator of the zoo, Erick Lenarduzzi, decided not to accept the donations, arguing “security measures,” according to the newspaper El Nacional.

Ruperta is being fed small portions of squash and papaya, which has caused the ribs to stick on her skin and last week she fainted because of the weakness she suffers.

The elephant suffers from anemia and diarrhea from which it has not yet recovered. One of the center’s veterinarians is ill, and the other on vacation, so both Rupert and the rest of the zoo animals have not been treated.

ruperta elephant zoo

When Ruperta fainted, the firefighters had to be the ones who raised her thanks to two cranes.

We have to take action now. Time runs against Ruperta’s life, if we do not act, she could be a new victim of human cruelty. Please sign and share this petition! We can save Ruperta.