Hearts around the internet are breaking for a captive polar bear living in a shopping centre in China.

An online petition was filed back in March by non-profit group Animals Asia, appealing for a white polar bear that’s being kept in Guangzhou, China, to be freed.

These animals are being locked up within an attraction called the Grandview Aquarium for people to take selfies within the Grandview Shopping Centre.

After on-line videos and images, meant to attract attention from what’s going on in the mall, went viral the white polar bear has become the centre of the controversy. The after brilliant creature is supposedly looking dejected and depressed as visitors knock its glass cage on to get its attention for pictures.

Animals Asia animal wellbeing manager Dave Neale said in a statement: “There’s no justification for just about any creature to be trapped this way.”

Animal rights activists are angered these creatures are being taken from their natural habitats and caution that it will have damaging effects on the animals’ wellbeing.

Neale added: “‘Taking creatures from their natural surroundings cannot be defended, but when they’re re-homed in states like we’re seeing in the Grandview Aquarium it is the worst possible scenario.”

Just two weeks ago, another captive polar bear in the zoo that was Argentine expired.

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