NJ Teacher Writes Supporting Messages on Pupils Desks Before Their Exam

A 5th-grade teacher from Woodbury, New Jersey, has been surprising her pupils with personalized messages of encouragement on their desks for the previous week.

“Learning is the superpower!” one message reads. “Remember, never stop trying and never stop growing your brain!”

Chandni Langford, who teaches at Evergreen Avenue Elementary School, told ABC News today the messages were meant to help “assure and inspire” her pupils who have been taking PARRC standardized testing.

“I need my children to understand that I understand them and that I believe they are able to achieve anything they desire to,” Langford said. “And for me, it will not matter if they do not do well or even if they fail — as long as they were trying their hardest, learn from their mistakes and do better in the future.”

She added that she consistently stresses to her pupils which they’re “worth so much more than a test score.”

Langford said the messages also came from what she calls “increase mindset,” the belief that skills “are not always inherent and can be acquired through hard work and effort rather than only innately,” she said.

The desk messages resonated nicely with students but also with others on social networking. The Woodbury City Public School District shared pictures of the positive notes on Facebook and have been shared over 19,000 times.