Jail for Nina’s owner for the terrible mistreatment she suffered!

Nina is a dog that was rescued by the Police and Civil Guard of a flat in Chiva, thanks to the denunciation of some neighbors. Nina lived in a deplorable state, surrounded by excrement, both of her and of the owner, and in a terrible state of health, with a fractured jaw and a bursting eye.

nina owner terrible

Traces Callejeras de Chiva took care of Nina, and they are trying to save his life since he is very ill from all this that he lived. You will have to remove an eye that had burst, and try to heal your jaw to heal the bone.

Now it turns out that Nina’s owner is released, albeit charged, but he is released, and who says he does not do the same to another animal while waiting for Justice to do what he should?

Please, that this person is in jail, is where he belongs, we do not allow more than these savages to be free and impunity after doing something like this to a dog.

I want to take the opportunity to say that they want to find a home for Nina, so if they can help, do not forget, for us it is a minimum but that can help a lot to another.

It is important, in our view, that justice should be done. Thank you!